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I hope Midge is ok.

Hi. Hilda here.

Poor Midge. Mr. McLennon says that she hasn’t been feeling well since they came back from their honeymoon. I hope she didn’t get food poisoning or anything like that. Mr. McLennon is going to take her to the doctor’s soon.

A lot of the older girls think she might be pregnant. 0_0
If that’s true... EEEEE!!

- Hilda

If she is pregnant, maybe she’ll have more than one? I mean, just look and mom and daddy. O.O


Tra la la~~!

Merry Christmas everyone! ♥

And what a wonderful Christmas it is. Mom and daddy are home and safe. Thank goodness. It was such a frightening ordeal. For weeks we didn’t know if our parents were alive. It was horrible...

Oh, but we’re all together on this wonderful Christmas. This wonderful, blessed Christmas!

We spent the whole morning digging through the presents under our tree. There are some still some left to open. My youngest sisters went wild when they saw the huge train set they got. I think the only one who loved that train more than them was daddy. I can hear him and the little ones laughing in the other room right now as I write. ♥

Uh oh. It sounds like daddy tripped and got tangled up in the Christmas lights.

Again. (tee hee)

We even managed to get Jojo to crack a smile. Until we all started chasing him for Christmas kisses. (tee hee)

And Hanna got a new china doll for her collection. She’s going to be so steamed when she finds out I wrote that here. :P

Oh, how nice! Cindy Lou is at the door with the Grinch and his dog. Holly is bursting with excitement. I’m pretty sure the blueish/greenish blur that just whizzed by me was her. It’s such a fantastic day. Even better knowing that in a few hours we’ll all be getting ready for Midge and Mr. Mclennan’s wedding.

*siiigh* A Christmas wedding. How romantic! I can’t wait to see Midge in her gown! ♥ ♥

I better go help mom with the chocolate chip pancakes she’s preparing. She’s going to have to make a few more now that Cindy and Mr. Grinch are here. Oh yes, and that dog of his too. For a smelly, dirty mutt he’s... sort of cute.

Ew! It just licked my face!! My beautiful face!!

- Harmony

I'll never whine again.


Mom and dad are still gone.

I… I’m scared.

Uncle Samson told us that they’re gonna be ok and will be home soon, but that was almost a week ago.

Gertrude’s been staying with us too. She’s been helping us out since Jojo and Hanna are both freaking out. They had a big fight, but then Hanna told Jojo she was sorry. I haven’t seen her cry like that since that day she got home from the outskirts.

Cindy Lou came over the other day. She gave me a hug when she saw me. She and Hanna, Gertrude, Jojo and even Henrietta all locked themselves up in dad’s study to talk about something. I would have listened, but Hanna threatened to tear off all the fur on my face if I did.

I wish I had never complained about being bored. I’d take being bored everyday for the rest of my life if I could just have my parents back.

I want my mom and dad.

- Holly

I wish you were here too, Mr. Grinch.



Crap. Crap! CRAP!

Mom and dad are BOTH gone. At the OUTSKIRTS.
The details are in mom’s journal.

Why? WHY?! Are they both nuts?! *takes a few deep breaths*

.....what are we gonna do if we lose our parents? WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL OF US GONNA DO?!


- Hanna


So boooored...

Hiya. Holly here. None of us have written anything for a while, huh? ^^o

We’ve been pretty busy. Summer’s over and we’re all back in school. Total drag. Even Hammy, Happy, Hippy, Hoppy and Huggy are in school now. The only ones who get to stay home with mom are Hedy and Maxy. Lucky them.

My teacher is nice though. So far at least. But oh man, fractions are HARD! Forth grade is gonna be tougher than I thought.

Everybody else is enjoying school a lot more than I am. Hanna’s planning on running for student body president. Henrietta is in a science club and hangs out with Dr. LaRue at Who U on the weekends. Harmony hangs out at the community theater, thanks to Gertrude. A while back, she got the director to hear Harmony sing. She’s gonna be in a play now.

Guess that means she won’t be spying on whatever Hanna is up to. *furrows eyebrows* But that doesn’t mean *I* still can’t snoop. I still wanna know!

Oh, and a while after dad came back from the outskirts, Jojo came back too! All of our family is back together! It’s awesome!

Something apparently happened to Jojo’s big music thing, but no matter how much I bug him, he wouldn’t tell me about it. What is it with my family and secrets? >_<

Well... I’m happy to have my big brother back anyways. I showed him the huge streetlamp the Grinch gave me and he thought it was cool.

- Holly

Speaking of the Grinch, I miss him. I’m gonna ask Cindy Lou if she’ll take me to visit him again someday.


Dad's finally back! He came home last night but we were all asleep. We finally saw him today though, and he's ok! Thank who he's ok! He's ok, he's ok, he's ok!

*calms down, trying to hide a few happy tears* Ahem. *clears throat* Sorry. I'm just glad. Really really glad. I don't know what we'd have done if anything happened to dad. I... I don't wanna think about it.

Needless to say, our house went insane when we all saw him again for the first time. Everyone was blubbering and crying. Sheesh. What can you expect from a house full of so many dang girls? (not that *I* was blubbering and crying >_>)

He's back and he's safe. *sigh of relief* I just can't say it enough.

- Hanna

This stinks!

School starts on Monday. *pout*

I don’t wanna go back yet! I hardly got to do anything fun during summer break. This isn’t fair!

Sure, I got to meet the Grinch, stay up all night at the hospital, and had a blast at the Edible parade... but that’s pretty much it. I wanted to do something really awesome like go on an adventure. But I can’t anymore because I have to go back to stupid boring school. *pout*

This whole week stunk because we spent it buying school supplies. Mom took all of us (in one group at a time) to the store to buy all of our pencils and folders and other ugly stuff. Bleh.

This year will be the first time Hammy, Happy, Hippy, Hoppy and Huggy go to school too. The five of them are gonna be starting preschool and us older kids are gonna have to take turns walking them there. Most of them are excited, except for Huggy. She wouldn’t stop crying when mom told her about it. What a baby. >_>

Hanna still won’t tell me about the secret she’s keeping either. It’s not fair! Harmony wants to know what she’s up to too. She’s been spying on Hanna for days, and she’s even got Hailey and Hallie helping her. Those two are like trained puppies. They do whatever Harmony says. *rolls eyes*

I’m kinda tempted to join them though. I wanna know what’s going on!

I’m so desperate to do anything cool that I even asked Henrietta if I could go with her on one of her visits to that Who U place. She’s friends with a super smart scientist and is helping her build some top secret machine (COOL!). Henrietta wouldn’t let me go though, and she wouldn’t tell me what they were building either!


This is just like Jojo’s observatory secret all over again. Speaking of Jojo, he’s STILL missing! Where the heck is he? I mean, he’s gotta come back since school is starting again. We miss him. We miss dad too. But at least he’ll be coming home soon (hopefully). He said his hiatus thing was only gonna be for a month.

He's been sending us letters while he's been away saying that he loves us and misses us. *frowns*

Secrets. School. No dad or big brother.

This stinks.

- Holly

Something fishy is going on...

Things haven’t been very cheerful around here. *sigh* We had so much fun at the edible parade. It seems like so long ago now.

We all miss daddy very much. I hope he’ll be all right out there at the outskirts. Why in the name of who did he have to go out there anyway? It’s so dangerous!

Mom has been in terrible shape ever since he left. My mother is the strongest person I know. She’s the one who keeps our household together. Seeing her in so much pain breaks my heart. The other night when Hilda went to the bathroom, she told us that she could hear mom crying when she passed her’s and daddy’s bedroom.

Oh, poor mom!

We’ve been doing our best to keep ourselves occupied. Anything to get our minds off of, well, everything. Henrietta has been going to Who U to spend time with that Dr. LaRue lady. I know because Henrietta doesn’t stop yammering on and on about it.

I’ve been keeping myself busy by watching the younger girls, and (of course) with my music. Hanna has me uneasy though. I don’t know what’s going on with her, but I have this strange feeling that she’s up to something. I think that whatever it is, Henrietta is in on it. When I tried to get her to spill, Henrietta only nervously changed the subject.

Whatever sneaky thing Hanna is up to, she better stop what it is right now. For goodness sakes, this is no time to be causing more trouble! Not with mom so upset.

- Harmony

Daddy's gone.

Oh... gosh. Our house feels so sad and empty this morning.

First Jojo went missing, and now daddy’s gone too. He won’t be back for a while. He said that at most it would be a month. Last night as he was tucking us all into bed, he told us goodbye. Many of my littlest sisters cried, but I tried to be brave for his sake and for theirs. After all, being one of the oldest daughters, it’s my duty to help take care of everyone in times like this.

But it was difficult to be brave when I found out where he was going to be. Daddy’s going to be at... at... the outskirts.

Oh who. Of all places! It’s so dangerous out there! *hyperventilates* 0_0 *wheeze*

Hanna was even more upset than I was. She burst into tears and begged him not to go. I can understand why. She must know first hand how scary it is out there. Daddy talked to her in private in his home office and tried to calm her down. It was wrong of me to do this, but I listened outside the door (I’m sorry, daddy).

She told him that his life would be in danger out there. There are whos who want the Mayor of Whoville dead.

I nearly fainted when I heard that...

Oh daddy. Please, please come back safe. Please.

- Henrietta

Another sleepless night...

Sheesh. How many nights has it been now that I can’t sleep? I try and I try, but my mind just won’t shut up.

It’s been a week since Gertrude had her first meeting with PoAI (code for what she calls the person). I was really glad about it. My mind was at ease for a while knowing that we had an alley on... the other side. Gertrude is still deciding on when and where to have the next meeting. These things gotta be well thought out seeing how they’re so important (and somewhat risky).

Cindy’s gonna be joining me and Gertrude this time around. I told her about how bad PoAI looked. She came up with the brilliant idea of her “Previsions Drive” to help PoAI and others suffering like them. I had our McDodd Army (as Cindy likes to call us) bring over boxes of our old junk to her house. I hope she’ll be able to send at least some of the things to them, and that they help them even a little.

Still no real news about the situation since the council’s lips are as tightly sealed as ever, but Gertrude has been feeling some kind of weird suspicion about one of the council members. Not her lizard faced uncle - a different lizard faced creep.

Dad seems calmer nowadays than he was a few weeks ago, so that’s a good sign at least. Then again, knowing dad, he might just be putting on an act so we won’t worry. *sigh* I know if that were the case, he’d be doing it because he loves us, but I can’t help but feel frustrated. Dad shouldn’t have to feel like he has to face things on his own (especially now with his blood pressure being so high). I wish the people of Whoville could learn to face their problems as a whole, like we did during the speck thing. It’s unfair to constantly rely on one individual to solve everything alone. Doesn’t anyone care about the strain that puts on the one individual?

Sorry. I’m getting all preachy here, ain’t I? Must be more deprived of sleep than I thought. I’m gonna give trying to fall asleep another go. Hopefully my mind will shut up long enough for me to finally get some shut eye.

- Hanna

Jojo’s... STILL MISSING!! Ugh! As soon as I see him again I’m... I’m... well, I’m probably gonna hug the little freak ‘cause we’ve missed him like crazy. Then I will proceed yelling at him.